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Silver-nano Noble GS nursing bottle   Silver-nano Noble NS nursing bottle   Silver-nano pacifier   Silver-nano mug cup   Well-being clean string plaything   Silver-nano tooth growth helper
Silver-nano Noble NS nursing bottle
Product name Silver-nano Noble NS nursing bottle
Model no. B2487
Origin Korea
Manufacturer Babydream Co., Ltd.
NANO Silver GS (Good system)
Feeding bottles and mug cups developed with this technology, help protect babies with weak
immunity from gems, the source of all diseases.
Through new Nano-poly technology [1/1000,000,000m], and cutting-edge science, for the first time
in the world, this perfectly prevents Secondary Virus Inflammation by controling germs, and acting
as an anti-bacterial deodorant, and maintaining freshness up to 99.9% without additional disinfecting
by boiling and sterilization.
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